Customer Testimonials

Overall it was a pleasant experience

My experience with Advance Electrical Contractor’s has left me very pleased and impressed with the work they have done for me. Chris is a great owner and a great electrician, and he runs his company with the utmost respect for customers needs and desires. I felt as if the value of the job done far exceeds the price of the job itself. I would recommend these guys to anybody in the area in need of a quality, reliable and affordable electrician. Chris and his guys do a great job, and you won’t be disappointed in the results.

Cliff W.

Oak Creek, WI

Terrific company

My husband and I used Advance Electrical Contractors a few months ago for a job at our place of business.

They helped me replace the interior and exterior lighting. They were very informative about the rebates available through the electric company, and I’ve already recommended them. They’re trustworthy, they’re very efficient, and they stick to their quotes.

We’ll definitely use them again.

Forest Home Autobody

Milwaukee, WI

Would highly recommend.

Fast timely service, they were able to work around my schedule. Thanks again!

Joe A.


Good Service!

Advance Electrical Contractors LLC. put in a new electrical panel for the house along with hooking up the hot tub. When I call they pick up the phone and answer any questions I may I have. The technicians are very good and friendly.

David K.

Milwaukee, WI

Great job!

We just completed a “to the studs” renovation of our kitchen and both bathrooms…simultaneously! As you might expect, we had a range of experiences with our contractors, but the one that REALLY stood out as exceptional was Advance Electrical Contractors. Chris and his crew were professional, timely, thorough, and priced competitively! We had great communication at all times with Chris and his team, and they did an excellent job of trouble shooting in an older Milwaukee home and making themselves available at all phases of the project. I will be telling everyone interested in an electrical contractor to consider Advance. We had a terrific experience.

John G.

Atlanta, GA

Couldn’t be happier.

They were wonderful. When I had phone communication with them they answered promptly, were polite and very accommodating. The person who came out was perfectly on time. There were some challenging things we needed to get done and they corrected what needed to be.

Linda L.

Milwaukee, WI


I have used Advance Electrical Contractors for construction of new restaurants as well as service work. If I call them up, they show up right away. They are timely and the quality of their workmanship is excellent.

Dick H.

Oconomowoc, WI

Good service, quality work.

Usually when we call, he comes within 24-48 hours which is great for an electrician. We’ve worked with Chris from Advance for many years, we keep coming back for the service and quality.

Stacy L.

Milwaukee, WI

Very professional and responsive throughout the project

Very professional and responsive throughout the project.

S H.

Milwaukee, WI

Friendly, professional and go the extra mile for you!

I had water damage so I hired a contractor to fix it. He hired a sub-contractor who it turned out wasn’t really an electrician. I ended up finding Advance Electrical Contractors online and after I read their reviews, I decided to give them a call.

Angela H.

Milwaukee, WI

I was impressed with Chris, his company, and their service.

I thought Advance Electrical Contractors did a really good job. They were very good, and the job went very smoothly. They responded to all my calls, and if they were not there, they called me back in less than a day. I was impressed with Chris, his company.

colin f.

St. Francis, WI

Reliable, thorough, dependable, and economical contractor.

I am the maintenance mechanic for a Spanish firm in Milwaukee, and Advance Electrical Contractors has done everything from wiring new machinery, to having feeders put in, to trouble shooting equipment. I have been using them for about 5 plus years.

Wil H.

Milwaukee, WI

Knowledgeable and efficient.

My experiences with Advance Electrical Contractors have been good. We have used them for two instances. They put up our sign, and they did the electrical work for our garage door installation. Chris and team are very knowledgeable.

Byron F.

Milwaukee, WI

Honest, clean, and professional.

I had to upgrade a house to get it insured and decided to use Advance Electrical Contractors. We had to go from fuse to breakers, and they did everything. I didn’t have to do a thing! They were on time, as promised, and stayed within my targeted budget.

Kurt C.

Milwaukee, WI

On a scale of 1-10, I have to give them a 10.

I’m a contractor, and I’ve used Advance Electrical Contractors for some of the jobs I’ve done, like small remodel jobs, kitchen remodels, basement remodels, bathrooms. They do the electrical work any time I’m out doing the contracting.

Phil H.

Milwaukee, WI

A pleasant, easy experience. Work done the way it should be by competent contractors.

I was getting bids for a project and Advance Electrical Contractors was one of the bidders. They knew what they were talking about and brought my attention to an issue that none of the other bidders had mentioned, which surprised me. The issue had to do with permitting, and Chris even directed me to the regulatory agency in Milwaukee that would confirm what he told me. Everything that Chris had told me was correct, and we were able to deal with the issue.

This was for a particular surveillance camera project and I wanted to make sure that everything was done absolutely correctly. Chris was definitely, by far, the most informed contractor I spoke to. He stood out of the crowd. Half of the bidders could not even have performed the task, let alone informed me about the required procedure that Chris knew about.


The project involved going to several other places, putting cameras on a commercial strip, and working with multiple business owners. I walked Chris through it one time and he was able to do the rest by himself, explaining the program, getting their cooperation, and getting the job done. The business owners even called him and used him for additional work, separate from our project.


Based on my experience with Advance Electrical Contractors, I would suggest that you ask Chris what his recommendations are and follow them. He is the pro and knows what he’s doing. Of all of the bidders I talked to, he was the only one who had done the research, informed me of the research, and it was all correct. Don’t try to out-think him. Had we not had the information he provided, we could’ve done it all wrong.

Bill Doyle

Bill D.


Great customer service

I live in Atlanta, and I own a house in Wisconsin. Advance Electrical Contractors LLC did a final walk through, and they said the electrical heater was the issue. We found an electrician in Atlanta, and he was able to figure out what the problem was and fix our heater. He finished it by the next morning.

Mike S.

Wauwatosa, WI

Excellent service by skilled professionals

Advance Electrical Contractors did a wonderful job of addressing a variety of electrical issues in my home. They were prompt, courteous, and professional and the work was top quality. I would highly recommend Advance.

Joe A.

Milwaukee, WI

Very helpful.

I schedule an appointment for repairs due to home inspection. They were great letting me know what I could do myself and what they needed to do. Not only did they keep in mind cost but were very helpful.

Ted S

Milwaukee, WI

Excellent Service

We had an clothes dryer outlet changed by Advance Electrical Contractors. They were prompt, courteous and efficient. They let us know what time they were coming and they came on time. Service was great, the price was right. It was a great experience.


West Allis, WI

Timely. Efficient. Quality Affordable & dont leave a mess

Recently 1-10-13 used Chris (advance) For some outlet switch and light fixture problems They showed up as scheduled repaired the problems And cleaned up All at a very affordable cost Plan to use them in the future.

David S.

Milwaukee, WI

Good service

Came on time to the job, will work with the client until satisfied. Have the ability to be creative with problem solving.

Sherry S.

Bayside, WI

Repair of Medical Practice Indentifier Signs

I manage a community health medical practice for the un/underinsured. Our outdoor lights identifying the practice have never lit up in the 8 years I have been here. I was even told that our one sign, which is 4 stories off the ground, was unreachable for repair. 

Bridget C.

Milwaukee, WI

Pulled off a miracle!

Advance Electrical Contractors was excellent! I was in a bind and needed some sound for a festival that our organization was hosting. I called Chris the night before because he did the previous installation of the equipment and electrical things.

Barry M.

Milwaukee, WI

Good solutions, good job.

I’m a small general contractor and I get into a lot of odd jobs, like historical renovations and other interesting situations that require some creativity. Advance Electrical Contractors always comes up with good solutions and does a good job.

Matt L.

Milwaukee, WI

Done exactly how they said they would. Great service, great job.

I had Advance Electrical install video surveillance cameras for me. They came in and quoted me a price, did the work exactly like they said they would, and at the exact price they quoted me. They had great service, and they did a great job. I’m very happy with the work. 

Russ C.

Milwaukee, WI

Hopefully in the near future I will bring them repeat business.

I had a duplex I bought years back that was partially remodeled. When I went to sell it I realized that the prior owner did not pull permits for everything. The city told me that I needed to have everything looked at and certain things done because I needed…

David H.

Glendale, WI

Very professional. I was pleased.

I had a fairly substantial amount of miscellaneous electrical work I needed done around my home, so I contacted Advance Electrical Contractors. I actually e-mailed them a list of what I needed done and they got back to me within 24 hours.

Gert G.

Mequon, WI

Extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations.

I called Advance Electrical Contractors for help on a project and it turned out that it was a lot more simple than I thought. I had a jacuzzi tub that was not working properly and they gave me some advice over the phone. Other companies did not call me back but I was happy to have Advance take the time with my issue. 

Ion B.

Milwaukee, WI